Fitness hula hoop (hoop): fun and effective

Many can still remember that it was quite normal in his / her childhood to propelling. Propelling’s still fun to do. For both young and old. Unfortunately, adults often are unable to have a child’s hoop dashing laps to run the body. But why this does not work anymore? This is because these hoops are too light. For those who still like to propel – it’s also good for the figure – there is a heavier hoop are available. This is a special fitness hula hoop.


History of hoop

The first hoops from the period 300 BC. It was then already thought hooping was good for the health. In place of the hoop circles to rotate the body, the hoop was allowed to vertically over the ground roll. They ran back and gave an occasional hand or a stick a little tap on the hoop in the hope that the hoop was rolling. This way of propelling became done in the 60s of the 20th century. Everything but had been used for this purpose a circular shape.

Genesis hula hoop

Sailors arrived at the beginning of the 18th century found out that they were in Hawaii hip swaying movements and that could well ? with a hoop. falls In 1957, the hula hoop was – after it had been years away – reinvented again. It then became the rage.

Which are used more hoops

The hoop is not only used to join a game. Hoops are also an integral part of rhythmic gymnastics and also made into a circus uses hoops. In ancient times (19th century) hoops were even incorporated into clothing. Thus arose the hoop skirts. However, these are not to be found. Only in wedding dresses are sometimes used hoops. Even in workouts in gyms are used hoops. These are no ordinary hoops, but Fitness Hula Hoops.

Hula hoop

Hula hoop is done with a hoop. A hoop is an object that has the shape of a circle, and that of plastic is made of. Long ago, there were already hoops and these were of cane or bamboo. The art of propelling is to make the hoop without the use of the hands as long as possible dashing laps to rotate the body. It is great fun for young and old to do, and it is also very good for the body. You get a slimmer figure.

Other names

The following names are used next to the name hula hoop:

  • trundle a hoop
  • hula hoop
  • hope dance

Fitness Hula Hoop

Fitness Hula hoop – also known body heap called – is a heavier, larger and thicker than the children’s hoop hoops that are available at toy stores. Since the hoop is heavier, wants the hula hoop easier. A hoop from the toy store is a one piece, while a fitness hoop consists of six parts. These six sections are clicking very straightforward. You can remove the hoop, even apart, for example, take on holiday. Sitting bumps on the inside of the hoop. These bumps can be included in the beginning take care of bruises.

Diameter and weight

Hoops from toy stores are often between 71 and 91 centimeters and weigh around 250 grams. A fitness hoop is between 91 and 108 centimeters. There is a difference in weight. They are among others available in the following weights:

  • 0.75 kg
  • 1.2 kg
  • 1.5 kg
  • 1.8 kg
  • 2.1 kg

Which hoop is right for me

This depends on your height and weight. Someone who is great can easily have a larger hoop than someone who is smaller. This could be tested as follows: when the hoop before you put on the ground, he should come between your waist and chest. On the weight of the hoop could be used, the following as a guide:

weight hula hoop Body weight
1.2 kg <55 kg
1.2 – 1.5 kg 55-70 kg
1.5 to 1.8 kg 60-80 kg
1,8 – 2,1 kg > 80 kg

In general, it is recommended that a hoop with a weight of 1.2 kg for a beginner. If you have a weak lower back trouble, you would be wise not to choose a too heavy hoop. Are your back and abdominal muscles strong, you could opt for a heavier hoop.


As indicated earlier, can cause the bumps on the inside of the hoop at the beginning of painful and even bruises. In most cases, there is no longer any question of the course of time. If it turns out that you, even if your hoop for a while, still gets bruises on your body, you may decide to do a special hoop belt purchase (hoop band).

Hoop workout

You can of propel a real workout. This can be done easily at home. For example, you look at the television and in the meantime let the hoop buttons to rotate your body. If you do this example ten minutes, you burn about 100 calories. This, of course, depends however on how intensively you hoe pelt and how heavy the hoop. With a heavier hoop, you will burn more calories than a lighter hoop. Besides burning calories is a hoop workout also good for include:

  • strengthen abdomen, buttocks, legs and back muscles
  • to improve the stability in the torso
  • improve the condition
  • smoother making the hips and back
  • locomotion
  • reducing the waist size

Hula hoop in the gym

In addition to hula hoop at home, there are more and more gyms with fitness hula hoop is used in a group lesson. These classes are usually aimed at improving the figure.


How propelling

It is very important to build up quietly propelling. But how do you propelling?

  • Make sure you have a little standing in a straddle with your knees slightly bent
  • hold the hoop with both hands and place it behind your back
  • give your hands a hard swing to the hoop (he starts moving)
  • move your belly and back and back and forth from left to right
  • push with your stomach (abdominal muscles tightened) at the hoop on
  • shift your weight from one leg to the other

If all is well the hoop circles will revolve around your waist. You can also propel from your hips, but it is less effective than from the belly. Should it happen that the hoop falls down, then you can give small boosts to the hoop with your hips to. The hoop will come again later. It is then also convenient to have to drop slightly at the knees. Please note that you alternate between left and right.

Safe sports with back pain

What painless can work is very welcome for the experienced athlete. Delicious can go to the extreme, without suffering pain, is indeed critical for those many sports. All kinds of physical ailments can, unfortunately, impede the exercise. An example of such an ailment is back pain. Back pain can be harmless, but also very painful exercise which can be unhealthy and unsafe. Swimming, cycling, and walking are excellent exercises for the back muscles. Less safe and healthy for the back are weightlifting and rowing.


Sports: relaxing and enjoyable

Regular exercise is recommended by all doctors to maintain fitness and health. Too strenuous exercise is not necessary. Two or three times a half hour to an hour of exercise works very well. Sport should be a fun and stay. Also it should serve as a relaxation method in the busy hectic days. Physical discomfort, such as back pain, could be a serious handicap to the pleasurable experience of your sporting activity.

Safe sport to practice with back pain

Hiking or walking

Walking is a very good sport if you have back problems. You do not even need to walk slowly. Walking keeps your body moving and avoiding stiff muscles. The route of your hike you can decide. The one time you walk on a flat course and sometimes you looking, for something more hills or forests. Walking is physically more demanding than walking. You weights are after all heavily loaded with. Yet it is usually not a problem if you have back problems. A soft forests or a Finnish track are the ideal substrates to go running.


Cycling is appreciated by the patients. Ensure correct position of the saddle and make sure you ride with your back straight. Cycling preferably at a leisurely pace and get settled down again to walk.


Rollerblade / roller blading

Roller Blades has little impact on the back muscles. You work too heavily taxing on your fitness without the back muscles. Moreover, you automatically train the back and abdominal muscles to keep the body balanced on rollerblades.


Rugzwemmen is a great workout because your back muscles are trained, and the spine remains in a central position. Your body is carried by the water. The crawl swimming technique is highly recommended. The swimming techniques breaststroke and butterfly avoid your best because you assume an attitude hollow of your lower back.


Dancing can be both good and bad for your back muscles. Line dancing, folk dancing, and salsa are well tolerated by dancers with back problems. Ballet, hip hop, and intensive aerobic exercise can be avoided, of course.

Unsafe Sports


Cycling creates a lot of extra pressure on the intervertebral discs. You sit for a long time hunched which is very bad for the back muscles. Cycling is quite possible, but at a slow pace so you do not overburden your body and back.


When skiing is your back muscles taxed very intense. The black and red slopes are enormously stressful. Additionally, you can be tough while skiing with a high risk (back) injury and personal injury.

Rowing and weightlifting

These two sports are very taxing on the intervertebral discs. In rowing, you charge the spine by continuously bending and stretching it. Weightlifting is in addition to the burden on the intervertebral discs, also very stressful for the facet.

Sports with back pain: do not you?

Depending on the type of sport and the pain you feel, you have to make a decision or exercise with back pain or is still safe and sound. In most cases, it is (lower) sports still healthy at back pain. However, it can in some instances truly be advisable to stop exercising.

Sport is safe with a plain backache

When innocent pain flares back pain with periods again. A plain backache is also when you have back pain by silent too long to sit or too long to adopt the same attitude. In many cases, improve back pain when you’re in motion. Sports is safe if you recognize any of these symptoms. However, if you are unsure or have doubts, you can always contact a doctor or physiotherapist.


Not safe in heavy and severe back pain

Stop exercising is recommended when you have constant and radiating pain to other limbs. It is also not recommended if you have just fallen. Decreased strength or tingling in your legs are also reasons to immediately stop exercising. Typically, athletes find quickly the difference between an acceptable back pain (more sports) or severe back pain, which you better immediately stop exercising.

Three Tips to exercise safely with back pain

Sports with back pain is not an issue. Pain is a signal in which the body indicates that the pain threshold is exceeded. You will move each time under the pain threshold of your body, to prevent back pain.
If you still have pain, just choose your better temporarily for sports that do not strain the joints. Swimming, hiking, and yoga are good examples of this.

Back patients would do well to recreational sports, outside of competition. Matches necessitate a lot of your body. If you do not play in the competition, you have the easier option once to skip a workout.

Digestive Problems: Causes, Solutions and Tips

Digestive problems can put pressure on your daily life nice. Stomach pain, heartburn, and nausea are just some examples of digestive problems. These do not always have a disease or disorder as the cause, but can often be linked to a poor eethygiëne and stress. Stress creates tension throughout the body and also in your stomach and intestines. The point is to take enough time for a meal and to watch your diet. Furthermore, even nutritional supplements that provide the digestive system in general, relief support to these complaints. Examples include supplements with enzymes or fibers, as well as supplements that provide a better intestinal balance. What are the main causes of digestive problems and which tips are useful for its treatment?

boy holding hands on his stomach over white background, pain

Symptoms digestive problems

Difficult digestion food

The digestive system is largely dependent on the food that you take to you. Depending on what you eat you can digestion happen quickly or slowly. For example, if you eat light foods such as pasta, then your stomach will not be very excited. However, when you eat fatty foods like fast food than that stomach and intestines more put under pressure. Problems can occur digestion among many forms, ranging from the early stages (e.g.,. By swallowing food) until the final stage (e.g.,. Pain in the intestines).

Acid regurgitation

It can involve heartburn that could lead to long-term reflux. Other examples of digestive problems have a big stomach, and nausea. Stomach problems often associated with a headache or nausea. The identification of headaches as a result of a problem with the stomach is not always easy. Furthermore come digestive problems in the form of abdominal cramps or abdominal pain, whether or not accompanied by diarrhea.


Causes digestive problems


Digestive problems do not necessarily have to be associated with a disorder or disease of the digestive organs. Often due to the discomfort of the digestive system to the food you have eaten or whether alcohol you have drunk. One of the causes of digestive problems are often underestimated is the eethygiëne consumer.

Snacks food

Everyone knows the urge to quickly have anything snacks snacking between main meals of the day, or to eat at the computer. The problem is that your body is at the same time doing other things than food, and your stomach does not have enough energy to digest the food appropriately. The digestion of the food here can severely suffer and may develop digestive problems long term. Furthermore, this lead to real may binges where you hardly control what you eat.

Too little time to eat

It is also true that too little time is available in the hectic modern society to enjoy a meal. One takes the time not to eat at the table, but is just fun to eat TV. You brains go the impressions of the TV-watching then have to take up, resulting in fewer energy remains for the stomach to carry out the digestion in an effective manner.

Stress in the abdomen

Furthermore, it is also the stress and mental pressure to which we are exposed to an important factor in the cause of digestive problems. If you tense, then your body needs more energy, and you put pressure on your muscles. Order your food to digest in an optimal way. You should instead relax as much as possible. It is, therefore, a good idea to take a nap after a large meal so that your digestive system can devote to her job in peace.


Treatment and tips


Prevention is better than cure is a saying that applies to digestive problems. Remember to provide your eethygiëne: pull enough time out for a meal and do not work (mental or physical) immediately after meals. Physical activity is good for the digestive system, but only if you wait sufficient time after eating. Do you eat too fast, or are you going to do quick exercise, you will get may suffer from indigestion. An antacid may be the solution.


Remember to get enough fiber-rich foods to eat and fish and to limit the use of alcohol. You also should not forget that to avoid frequent use of still beverages such as soft drinks. The best you drink plain water with meals. Optionally, food supplements (e.g.,. With enzymes ) which facilitate the digestion are useful to take in. Do you have specific problems with the intestines may provide a supplement for improved intestinal balance solace?

Twice a week, strength training for muscle growth

Many athletes who do strength training, thinking that they should do this at least three or four times a week to make progress. This is reinforced by the information on websites and forums. Most training programs are based on three, four or even five training days. However, as often training is not for everyone. And not necessary. Even with twice weekly strength training is it possible to build muscle mass and strength. Indeed, some people make more progress if they (temporarily) twice a week, going to the gym instead of three times or more.

Female runner exercising

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5 unusual diets that you should not try

A slim line where you can be proud of. That is the dream of almost every woman, but also of many men. Indeed, obesity causes long term problems with health. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, increased risk of cardiovascular disease here are just a few examples. There are hundreds of diets and diet tips, which employs some diets and others absolutely are not even dangerous for overall health. It’s those diets that you absolutely should not try. Examples include the baby food diet, Alcorexia diet, the air diet, the master cleanse diet and sleeping beauty diet.

Happy young female in old jeans pant after losing weight

Happy young female in old jeans pant after losing weight

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7 tips for a healthy life

“Having a healthy body in a healthy mind” a phrase that seems ideal for our lifestyle. While we cannot claim to do everything, we can contribute to our well-being a little bit each day without completely disrupting our schedules. Here are 10 tips just for you!

1. Drink water in the morning, at noon and at night


Too many of us don’t drink 1.5L of water a day (8 glasses of water per day). Our water supply is essential for the functioning of our organs and body as a whole. Then take seriously this action!

The solution?  Lay in front of you 2 glasses of water before breakfast, 2 glasses during or after your breakfast and 2 glasses in the evening before dinner.

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Life experience from fairy tales

Did you know? The first written record of Cinderella and her jealous sisters appear in a Chinese manuscript three thousand years ago. Why those stories are so old that we could believe them obsolete, unsuited to our times, we are they still talking much? Because they reflect our fundamental psychic structures. In the form of symbolic images, they reflect the problems which we have faced from childhood, and affect both the relationships within the family (sibling rivalry, incest …) and personal issues (renunciation of child dependency, assertiveness, awareness of their own values, exceeding the oedipal conflict …). Far from the mind of a mere “children’s literature” these stories, by staging fantasies, bring in their own way solutions to these problems. Therefore, addressing me directly to the emerging of the child, they play an important role in the construction of the personality.


This is because it not only sent messages to our conscious but also our unconscious, Snow White, the Three Little Pigs and Little Thumb helped us integrate the meaning of good and evil, stimulate our imagination, develop our intelligence, and above all to see in our emotions clearer.

The richness of the symbolic contents of the stories is such that they naturally lend themselves to analysis and interpretation. Freudian psychoanalysts show what kind of unconscious material is underlying in each of these stories. That Jack plants a beanstalk, rises on its stem and kills a giant to seize the treasure represents the phallic affirmation of the teenager who “kills his father” to impose his own manhood. Jungian psychoanalysts rather see a story of initiation, the image of our need to access higher levels of consciousness. Yet one does not exclude the other! Proof is: just as in the countless stories where the young hero outsmarts the giant, Jack shows children that using his intelligence and his pragmatism; it is possible to get out of the difficulties of life. Quite simply.

Universality and symbolic fairy tales allow them to be read, reread, and told again and again, at any age. That is why they are increasingly used in psychological therapy and personal development: storytelling workshops are multiplying, offering various approaches to awaken our “inner child” to develop our imagination and help us transform.

Understanding our mythical shares

Two centuries after the birth of the Danish storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are used in some personal development. These methods use three key characters present in the myths of the world.

King represents our desire to change our discernment.

The hero embodies action, the implementation of change.

The fairy is our share of magic. She discovers opportunities and causes situations for change.

A great help to put an image on our blocks.

Snow White – Brothers Grimm

The difficulties of puberty


The Snow White Princess envied by her stepmother because she is “a thousand times more beautiful”, she is sent into the woods to be killed there. Spared, she takes refuge in the house of the seven dwarfs. The stepmother finds her and disguises as a witch. She will return to life by the kiss of a prince.

Few tales manage to make us understand the major phases of child development – including puberty in girls – as well as Snow White. Early in the story, a queen who later died while giving birth to Snow White, pricks her finger. Three drops of blood fell into the snow: innocence, whiteness and contrast with sexuality, red color.

This tale prepares girls to accept sexual bleeding, menstruation. The child learns that a small amount of blood is the first condition of the design. Similarly, Snow White made her maiden, waiting for “the young and beautiful prince” that the issue of desire that mothers (symbolized by the apple). The attitude of the stepmother, who tries in vain to reassure herself ( “Mirror, mirror …”), recalls that among the steps for the construction of female identity, the mother must give way to his daughter.

Little Red Riding Hood – Perrault

Sexual temptation


The prettiest girl in the village is sent by his mother to visit her grandmother. Through the forest, she meets the wolf. This tale is known as thirty versions in France. That of Perrault, which dates from 1697, ends with: “And saying these words, this wicked wolf fell upon Little Red Riding Hood and ate her” Among the tales, the famous Red Riding Hood is the most sexually explicit. The red color symbolizes the violent emotions related to sexuality. It is obvious that the wolf is not a carnivorous animal, but a glaring metaphor for the male: when the girl undresses and joins him in bed, and told him that his long arms are made to improve the kiss, little room is left to the imagination. The wolf and the hunter are two opposing male figures that the girl must learn to recognize: the first is seductive and deadly, and the second is benevolent savior.

This tale is set very clear guard, whose moral was even added a few lines by Perrault: “Young girls, beautiful, well made and nice, do very wrong to listen to all kinds of people.”

How to have a healthy life in each ages

It’s true that our skin begins to age when we are just born! After a warm-up period, our functions reach their peak around 20 years. Then it insidiously recedes in silent. We are almost invulnerable when we are 35 years – the repair mechanisms at the heart of our cells maintain our bodies in perfect working condition. And risk behaviors are multiplied: alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, etc. This is the time of all errors. And when we are 40? It announces the first failures: the plaque develops in the arteries, acuity of vision or hearing fades, muscle strength decreases. First sexual failures, first shots panic. 50 years: the great turning point. Menopause, heart attack, rheumatism …it’s impossible to pretend. Twenty or thirty years later, it may be the memory loss, stroke, asthenia, etc.

No panic. Today, we know that aging is still controllable. Take good care of all your parts and show a winner of optimism. Of course, the earlier we start, the more remarkable the result is. But it’s never too late to start. For each age group, and from the advice of gerontologist Christophe de Jaeger, here are the key actions that will help you stay fit and healthy.


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House renovation preparation

The habitat is a living place where we spend most of our time. It is your duty to spend a certain amount of money to do the work in due time of repair. If you can plan ahead to save money, it is also wise to develop a renovation strategy. Renovating a house is not easy so before we begin, we must consider several well-studied, step by step and significant parameters


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Keys to choose the mattress filling correctly

Keys to choose the mattress filling correctly

According to a study by the European Association of Manufacturers of Camas, the Spaniards extend the life of mattresses to 12.6 years on average that German, Belgian, Italian, French, German, Austrian and Dutch and even 20 percent of respondents believe that can last 20 years.

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What are the characteristics of the sleeping surface?

It must be strong, homogeneous and adaptable in its support (spring housing block, latex or foam block) and fluffy in their quilts. Continue reading “Keys to choose the mattress filling correctly” »

Simple healthy living tips

You are overwhelmed by all the different health advice which often contradict each other? A healthy life is not as complicated as it may seem, healthy life is actually very simple. We have three simple basics for you.

Healthy living is easy

Healthy living now seems more complicated than it really is. On one hand, you are advised to rather go to work with “healthy” products put on the market by large companies. On the other hand you will be alerted to all artificial products and advice not to use these products regularly.

Should you now need to supplement more protein or not? Whether you need a doctor or not? And what about all those studies that appear in the newspaper every day? The answer is fortunately very simple.

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Learning chess against the computer

Learning chess is not easy without an opponent. Chess against the computer can be a good solution to still have an opponent and learning chess. Learning chess against the computer, however, is quite different chess game than against people sitting across you at a chessboard. The rules of chess are the same, or, otherwise the game is quite different. What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning chess against the computer?

Learning chess is a long way

Learning chess is not easy. First you will have to start with what all the pieces are and how to score then. After that, you can also replay with many parties to can learn from it. But that’s just theory. It is the practice where the difference is made. Learning chess starts with playing with dozens of parties, most of which you will lose in the beginning, but that’s good. The more you learn, the better it is. But what if you have no opponent to play against? Then chess against the computer is a good solution.

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What can you do with glass jars?

Perhaps you’ve still have boxes full of sterilized glass jars, in the basement, in the gazebo or in the attic. What should you do with it? No jars are sterilized after all, yet. No worries! These cute items in all sizes can serve as a stock jar, pen pot on your desk, and beautiful plants holder, gift wrap, or even as decoration at Easter or Christmas. In short, there are plenty of opportunities to use these pots creatively in your house and garden.

What is a sterilized glass jars?

A sterilized glass jars with a glass lid and an iron and clips. Usually, there is also an orange gum in it. The pots are in different sizes: pots of 500 grams, and even from one kilo to two kilo. Previously, people used these pots to store sterilized vegetables. Since now almost no one sterilizes, many of these pots lie unused in the basement, in the garage or attic. Although these pots are not cheap at all. You may go buy it at IKEA. You have to pay between 1 and 3 euros for a pot, depending on the size. Also, you can buy at flea markets and thrift stores, as they are at more reasonable price.

Making use of sterilized glass jars

When these pots have been years in a box, you will need to clean them thoroughly. Warm soapy water and a sponge will help.

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My experience of driving test at DMV

driving test

Taking the practical test for driving license B at the DMV is an exciting moment. How is the start of your exam? What can you expect on the day of your driving test? And probably the most important; how and when you will get the coveted license?

Application of the driving test at the DMV

Your driving instructor determines when you’re ready for the practical test for obtaining your license-B. By doing so in consultation, you can get the latest lessons and still pay attention to elements within the riding course where you still feel insecure or use the remaining driving instruction to put the final finishing touches. Once you’re ready, it is applied at the DMV, which you then assign a date and time to make it practical. Generally, the reservation period is from 6 to 7 weeks from the date of receipt of the application at the DMV.

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Marjoram – A herbal wisdom in your garden


Herbs are healthy! Marjoram also has properties that help you have a good health. They have been known many years ago when herbs were used primarily as a medicine and there were no chemical variants developed. Therefore, in those ancient times, marjoram was used mainly for colds, asthma, bronchitis and even muscle pain and that is not surprising because marjoram contains substances that have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effect and also a antioxidant which means that the free radicals helps to combat it.

Marjoram is a culinary herb that you can see it quite often in kitchen cabinets. It is an herb that tastes delicious with tomatoes and therefore fits well in Italian cuisine. People think marjoram is oregano, and that is not surprising, because oregano is actually marjoram, namely ‘Wilde’ marjoram. Marjoram in this article is about ‘real’ marjoram and this herb is not only wonderful in a lot of (meat) dishes but also has health benefits. Tasty and healthy is therefore applicable.

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Trampoline Exercises for seniors

When people get older, they have to face up with chronic dieses related to back, legs, sleeplessness and more. Therefore, many manufactures attempt to launch a great number of fitness equipment to keep up with the needs and demands of users. One of the most remarkable inventions nowadays is trampoline. It is fact that 15 minutes exercising on the trampoline is parallel 30 minutes on a treadmill.  Wow, how surprising it is! Coming with tons of fabulous features, the trampoline has high suitability with different customers at all ages, including both kids and seniors. Especially, trampoline offers one of the best workout effectiveness for seniors. The most effective workout applying for seniors is walking at the place. This method requires the gentle movements of both arms and bare feet. It is amazing that simple exercises on the trampoline could bring valuable benefits to the older.

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Benefits of Foot Spa Machine for Home Use

Today, after a busy working day, stress can make your foot face minor problems such as pain, soreness; therefore the working ability of other parts of body is also affected. In addition to playing sports regularly, some machines help support healthy very well. In particular, the devices that take care of your feet are choices of a lot of consumers. Because many medical notions in the past and present say that: “The aging starts from the foot”.

foot spa machine

Only compact, simple foot spa machine will help you have soft feet, but also help relieve the pressure, the stress of everyday life. Especially in today’s modern society, most people often use air conditioner, along with eat frozen foods, foot soak can avoid cold and help improve blood circulation. In particular, the use of foot spa machine before bedtime is considered as measures to forget tiredness and have a good sleep after a hard working day.

Foot bath is the most reasonable, effective, practical, simple and pleasant way to take care of health while also saving time. Foot bath with foot spa machine should do at home to ensure hygiene. In a public place, it is likely to get other infections because hygiene in public places cannot be guaranteed. Soaking feet in warm water has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stimulating the nerve endings.

Good foot care is also a good way to be healthier. Feet is also considered as the second heart of the body, is the focus of energy throughout the body and is the place where 7,000 acupuncture points stay in.

We can improve the weak part of the body and prevent disease by stimulating the acupuncture points and other areas. Thus it will impact the operating rhythm of the whole body.

There are many ways to take care of our feet:

  • Using magnetic fields: Since ancient times, humans have known the positive effects of magnetic fields on the body and has used them to increase energy supply to the cells.
  • Kneipp foot bath method: Soak foot with the sequential change from hot water to cold water is the basic principles of Sebastian Kneipp health therapy.
  • Massage the foot‘s reaction zones: is a popular massage that affects the whole body.
  • Soak: This is a pedicure at home and it is simple and popular, it can help you take care of the foot as often as you wish.

Typical Features of Best Home Foot Spa Machine:

  • Hydraulic massage with the effect of air flow and water flow works very well on the acupuncture points of the foot.
  • Massage with heat, warm water: temperature of warm water makes the capillary system enhance metabolism, increase ability to detoxify tissues and cells.
  • Vibration Massage with the combined effects of warm water and vibrate mode reduces stress to the muscles, work to restore and improve the durability of the muscles.
  • Design: Modern, minimalist, advanced usability.

The effect of foot spa machine:

  • Avoid rheumatism, help the body excrete toxins.
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Promote cell renewal process to create excitement and take of fatigue.
  • Relax the tired muscles and have deep sleep.


5 Things You Need To Know About Electric Fireplace Operation

Nowadays, with the growing popularity of electric fireplaces, more and more people can enjoy the beauty, comfort and warmth of fire they bring without having to build actual fireplaces in their house. But many people are still confused about how electric fireplaces actually work. For example: Is the flame real or hot to touch? Will these fireplaces cost them a lot to run? The following guide will answer most of users’ confusions.


1. How does an electric fireplace work?

In a nutshell, an electric fireplace is a heating appliance that is designed to look like a real fireplace. However, no venting or complicated installation is required. We can either buy electric fireplaces as stand-alone units or inserts that can fit into existing fireplaces.

Regarding the operation of an electric fireplace, there are two things we need to know: how heat and flames are created.

  • How heat is created?

Cool air is heated inside the electric fireplace with heating coils (normally made of metal). As the coils heat, the warm air is released back into the room by a fan or blower motor that makes very little noise.

  • How flames are created?

Flames created inside the electric fireplaces are not real or hot. These are visual images generated by using regular light bulb and refracted light.  As flames can be created independently from the heat function, you can enjoy the lively flames anytime you want, be it summer or winter. With advances in technology, the fake flames are looking and more like real flames.

How flames are created

2. Can an electric fireplace provide the main heating source?

An electric fireplace does not provide enough heat for that purpose. Rather, it is better used as the supplementary source.

The amount of space that an electric fireplace can cover varies according to type, design and type. In general, it can provide heat for a room of about 400 square feet.

3. Is the fireplace efficient?

If you use a traditional fireplace, you know that most heat escapes through the chimney and therefore the fireplace is not considered to be efficient. It is not the case with an electric fireplace, which releases all the heat (or 99%, to be exact) directly into the room.  The heat is produced quickly (or rather instantly) and consistently.

The central heating system heats up the entire house but honestly, is that always necessary?   There can be rooms we don’t use; so why should we waste energy on them? That is where the electric fireplace comes in handy with what is known as “zone heating”. It heats up exactly the place or area you need and helps you save money on your heating bill.

4. Is it costly to run?

The costs of running an electric fireplace with or without heat are different: it is about $0.7/hour (with heat) vs $.02/hour (without heat). Of course, the exact cost depends o the electricity cost in each specific area. Overall, they are considered not expensive.

5. Is it safe?

Electric Fireplace safe

The answer is: yes, an electric fireplace is very safe.

An electric fireplace is electricity-powered so there are no risks of harmful smokes, Carbon monoxide (CO) emission and gas leak. No ashes or scoot to clean either because of no chimney. This is a distinctive advantage over gas or wood burning fireplaces, which is beneficial for both human health and environmental protection.

With no real flames, we are not worry of being burned when touching the surface of the electric fireplace because it is cool.

However, it is still an electric appliance and there are still safety cautions we must take seriously.

6. What are safety cautions to take note?

Most safety cautions can be applied for electric appliances in general.

  • Don’t use extension cords: In general, manufactures don’t recommend them or even advise against them due to such potential risks as shock hazard, cord failure and fire. They should be only be used temporarily when we have no other choice.
  • Don’t leave the electric fireplace run overnight and unattended (and it is best that you don’t sleep near it)
  • Keep flammable objects and furniture away from the appliance
  • Don’t let it be exposed with water (including not putting any type of water container on the top) and flammable liquids (such as gas) because water and electricity don’t go well together. Therefore, bathroom and laundry rooms are not appropriate locations for installation.
  • Don’t put the appliance directly above the electric outlet because heat released from the bottom can cause damage to the electrical outlet overtime.
  • Don’t put the cords of cables in places with high foot traffic or people can trip over them.
  • Unplug them when not in use. It is for both safety and saving purposes.