7 tips for a healthy life

“Having a healthy body in a healthy mind” a phrase that seems ideal for our lifestyle. While we cannot claim to do everything, we can contribute to our well-being a little bit each day without completely disrupting our schedules. Here are 10 tips just for you!

1. Drink water in the morning, at noon and at night


Too many of us don’t drink 1.5L of water a day (8 glasses of water per day). Our water supply is essential for the functioning of our organs and body as a whole. Then take seriously this action!

The solution?  Lay in front of you 2 glasses of water before breakfast, 2 glasses during or after your breakfast and 2 glasses in the evening before dinner.

2. Do not think about calories

It is sad to count every calorie intake … This creates a frustrating feeding behavior which reduces confidence. And finally, you will never be serene before your plate! Eat your fill. No need to skip meals or take astronomical portions of soups under the pretext that it is “diet”. The key is to listen to his body, you will know what you need and how much! So it is time to resume the dialogue with your body and to trust yourself. It is a long process that is worth a try to live peacefully diet.

The solution?  Get used to standing in the middle of your plate and focus on your sensations! Do you still hungry? Want to eat as much as the rest of the plate, less, more? Listen, do calculate more!

3. Healthy Snack

First, it is essential to remember that it is normal to have regularly hunger between meals especially if they are really far between. So if you feel a sense of hunger, listen here. However, rather than throw yourself each time on some industrial cakes, pastries, bread / cheese or other; get used to eating regularly as possible a healthy snack: 1. fruit, a handful of oilseeds (almonds, walnuts, flax seed …), 1 or 2 dried fruits (dried apricots, dried figs etc.), accompanied a tea or herbal tea.


The solution?  Create three containers, put in almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, sunflower and nuts to taste. And always have fruits in your bag, you can have fun to put a different one each day. Then place in home, one that closes tightly to your bag and one for your office.

4. Five fruits and vegetables every day

We all know we need to eat fruits and vegetables daily. But then, do you reach that goal? Sometimes a few days in the month, we cannot do and that is frankly not very serious. But for all other days, we need diligent beings and to act strictly to bring to our body what it needs.

The solution?  Put a clock at 17:30 and take out your checklist. How many fruits and vegetables did you eat today? Rate it and change the situation by adjusting your food choices for your munchies and dinner in order to achieve your goal.

5. Prefer fresh produce

It is obviously useless to blame every time you eat a quickly prepared dish for lunch or dinner! But you must realize that there is nothing better than to eat fresh, seasonal ingredients. Contrary to popular belief, it does not necessarily take hours to cook fresh food. The key is to get organized and make those 15 to 20 minutes of easy cooking.

The solution?  Provide meals from Monday to Thursday in advance and go shopping weekend foregoing. Preparing everything takes a little time ahead and place the preparations cool until consumption day. The rest of the week, room for improvisation!

6. Change

For your well-being and emotional taste, it is essential to vary your diet. Now we tend to regularly eat the same thing … the weekend or in the evening when you get home, do not you feel tired of circles with about ten or fifteen dishes? What a pity! Bring your body various meals, vegetarian sometimes, other times with vegetables, fish, algae or spices…


The solution?  Make a meal completely new during your weekend. Dinner, appetizer, lunch, afternoon tea or brunch … Anyway, choose THE meal of the weekend when you will discover new flavors and get started by selecting a new recipe!

7. Take care of yourself

Having a healthy lifestyle is the result of attention to yourself, which allows bringing joy and kindness in your entourage. You feel better about your shoes if you fill your mind with positive thoughts and gratitude for what you have. You are in tune with yourself so you will be able to take care of others. This will have such a positive effect on you. Take care of yourself every day to take care of others…

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