Benefits of Foot Spa Machine for Home Use

Today, after a busy working day, stress can make your foot face minor problems such as pain, soreness; therefore the working ability of other parts of body is also affected. In addition to playing sports regularly, some machines help support healthy very well. In particular, the devices that take care of your feet are choices of a lot of consumers. Because many medical notions in the past and present say that: “The aging starts from the foot”.

foot spa machine

Only compact, simple foot spa machine will help you have soft feet, but also help relieve the pressure, the stress of everyday life. Especially in today’s modern society, most people often use air conditioner, along with eat frozen foods, foot soak can avoid cold and help improve blood circulation. In particular, the use of foot spa machine before bedtime is considered as measures to forget tiredness and have a good sleep after a hard working day.

Foot bath is the most reasonable, effective, practical, simple and pleasant way to take care of health while also saving time. Foot bath with foot spa machine should do at home to ensure hygiene. In a public place, it is likely to get other infections because hygiene in public places cannot be guaranteed. Soaking feet in warm water has the effect of promoting blood circulation and stimulating the nerve endings.

Good foot care is also a good way to be healthier. Feet is also considered as the second heart of the body, is the focus of energy throughout the body and is the place where 7,000 acupuncture points stay in.

We can improve the weak part of the body and prevent disease by stimulating the acupuncture points and other areas. Thus it will impact the operating rhythm of the whole body.

There are many ways to take care of our feet:

  • Using magnetic fields: Since ancient times, humans have known the positive effects of magnetic fields on the body and has used them to increase energy supply to the cells.
  • Kneipp foot bath method: Soak foot with the sequential change from hot water to cold water is the basic principles of Sebastian Kneipp health therapy.
  • Massage the foot‘s reaction zones: is a popular massage that affects the whole body.
  • Soak: This is a pedicure at home and it is simple and popular, it can help you take care of the foot as often as you wish.

Typical Features of Best Home Foot Spa Machine:

  • Hydraulic massage with the effect of air flow and water flow works very well on the acupuncture points of the foot.
  • Massage with heat, warm water: temperature of warm water makes the capillary system enhance metabolism, increase ability to detoxify tissues and cells.
  • Vibration Massage with the combined effects of warm water and vibrate mode reduces stress to the muscles, work to restore and improve the durability of the muscles.
  • Design: Modern, minimalist, advanced usability.

The effect of foot spa machine:

  • Avoid rheumatism, help the body excrete toxins.
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Promote cell renewal process to create excitement and take of fatigue.
  • Relax the tired muscles and have deep sleep.


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