Digestive Problems: Causes, Solutions and Tips

Digestive problems can put pressure on your daily life nice. Stomach pain, heartburn, and nausea are just some examples of digestive problems. These do not always have a disease or disorder as the cause, but can often be linked to a poor eethygiëne and stress. Stress creates tension throughout the body and also in your stomach and intestines. The point is to take enough time for a meal and to watch your diet. Furthermore, even nutritional supplements that provide the digestive system in general, relief support to these complaints. Examples include supplements with enzymes or fibers, as well as supplements that provide a better intestinal balance. What are the main causes of digestive problems and which tips are useful for its treatment?

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Symptoms digestive problems

Difficult digestion food

The digestive system is largely dependent on the food that you take to you. Depending on what you eat you can digestion happen quickly or slowly. For example, if you eat light foods such as pasta, then your stomach will not be very excited. However, when you eat fatty foods like fast food than that stomach and intestines more put under pressure. Problems can occur digestion among many forms, ranging from the early stages (e.g.,. By swallowing food) until the final stage (e.g.,. Pain in the intestines).

Acid regurgitation

It can involve heartburn that could lead to long-term reflux. Other examples of digestive problems have a big stomach, and nausea. Stomach problems often associated with a headache or nausea. The identification of headaches as a result of a problem with the stomach is not always easy. Furthermore come digestive problems in the form of abdominal cramps or abdominal pain, whether or not accompanied by diarrhea.


Causes digestive problems


Digestive problems do not necessarily have to be associated with a disorder or disease of the digestive organs. Often due to the discomfort of the digestive system to the food you have eaten or whether alcohol you have drunk. One of the causes of digestive problems are often underestimated is the eethygiëne consumer.

Snacks food

Everyone knows the urge to quickly have anything snacks snacking between main meals of the day, or to eat at the computer. The problem is that your body is at the same time doing other things than food, and your stomach does not have enough energy to digest the food appropriately. The digestion of the food here can severely suffer and may develop digestive problems long term. Furthermore, this lead to real may binges where you hardly control what you eat.

Too little time to eat

It is also true that too little time is available in the hectic modern society to enjoy a meal. One takes the time not to eat at the table, but is just fun to eat TV. You brains go the impressions of the TV-watching then have to take up, resulting in fewer energy remains for the stomach to carry out the digestion in an effective manner.

Stress in the abdomen

Furthermore, it is also the stress and mental pressure to which we are exposed to an important factor in the cause of digestive problems. If you tense, then your body needs more energy, and you put pressure on your muscles. Order your food to digest in an optimal way. You should instead relax as much as possible. It is, therefore, a good idea to take a nap after a large meal so that your digestive system can devote to her job in peace.


Treatment and tips


Prevention is better than cure is a saying that applies to digestive problems. Remember to provide your eethygiëne: pull enough time out for a meal and do not work (mental or physical) immediately after meals. Physical activity is good for the digestive system, but only if you wait sufficient time after eating. Do you eat too fast, or are you going to do quick exercise, you will get may suffer from indigestion. An antacid may be the solution.


Remember to get enough fiber-rich foods to eat and fish and to limit the use of alcohol. You also should not forget that to avoid frequent use of still beverages such as soft drinks. The best you drink plain water with meals. Optionally, food supplements (e.g.,. With enzymes ) which facilitate the digestion are useful to take in. Do you have specific problems with the intestines may provide a supplement for improved intestinal balance solace?

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