Fitness hula hoop (hoop): fun and effective

Many can still remember that it was quite normal in his / her childhood to propelling. Propelling’s still fun to do. For both young and old. Unfortunately, adults often are unable to have a child’s hoop dashing laps to run the body. But why this does not work anymore? This is because these hoops are too light. For those who still like to propel – it’s also good for the figure – there is a heavier hoop are available. This is a special fitness hula hoop.


History of hoop

The first hoops from the period 300 BC. It was then already thought hooping was good for the health. In place of the hoop circles to rotate the body, the hoop was allowed to vertically over the ground roll. They ran back and gave an occasional hand or a stick a little tap on the hoop in the hope that the hoop was rolling. This way of propelling became done in the 60s of the 20th century. Everything but had been used for this purpose a circular shape.

Genesis hula hoop

Sailors arrived at the beginning of the 18th century found out that they were in Hawaii hip swaying movements and that could well ? with a hoop. falls In 1957, the hula hoop was – after it had been years away – reinvented again. It then became the rage.

Which are used more hoops

The hoop is not only used to join a game. Hoops are also an integral part of rhythmic gymnastics and also made into a circus uses hoops. In ancient times (19th century) hoops were even incorporated into clothing. Thus arose the hoop skirts. However, these are not to be found. Only in wedding dresses are sometimes used hoops. Even in workouts in gyms are used hoops. These are no ordinary hoops, but Fitness Hula Hoops.

Hula hoop

Hula hoop is done with a hoop. A hoop is an object that has the shape of a circle, and that of plastic is made of. Long ago, there were already hoops and these were of cane or bamboo. The art of propelling is to make the hoop without the use of the hands as long as possible dashing laps to rotate the body. It is great fun for young and old to do, and it is also very good for the body. You get a slimmer figure.

Other names

The following names are used next to the name hula hoop:

  • trundle a hoop
  • hula hoop
  • hope dance

Fitness Hula Hoop

Fitness Hula hoop – also known body heap called – is a heavier, larger and thicker than the children’s hoop hoops that are available at toy stores. Since the hoop is heavier, wants the hula hoop easier. A hoop from the toy store is a one piece, while a fitness hoop consists of six parts. These six sections are clicking very straightforward. You can remove the hoop, even apart, for example, take on holiday. Sitting bumps on the inside of the hoop. These bumps can be included in the beginning take care of bruises.

Diameter and weight

Hoops from toy stores are often between 71 and 91 centimeters and weigh around 250 grams. A fitness hoop is between 91 and 108 centimeters. There is a difference in weight. They are among others available in the following weights:

  • 0.75 kg
  • 1.2 kg
  • 1.5 kg
  • 1.8 kg
  • 2.1 kg

Which hoop is right for me

This depends on your height and weight. Someone who is great can easily have a larger hoop than someone who is smaller. This could be tested as follows: when the hoop before you put on the ground, he should come between your waist and chest. On the weight of the hoop could be used, the following as a guide:

weight hula hoop Body weight
1.2 kg <55 kg
1.2 – 1.5 kg 55-70 kg
1.5 to 1.8 kg 60-80 kg
1,8 – 2,1 kg > 80 kg

In general, it is recommended that a hoop with a weight of 1.2 kg for a beginner. If you have a weak lower back trouble, you would be wise not to choose a too heavy hoop. Are your back and abdominal muscles strong, you could opt for a heavier hoop.


As indicated earlier, can cause the bumps on the inside of the hoop at the beginning of painful and even bruises. In most cases, there is no longer any question of the course of time. If it turns out that you, even if your hoop for a while, still gets bruises on your body, you may decide to do a special hoop belt purchase (hoop band).

Hoop workout

You can of propel a real workout. This can be done easily at home. For example, you look at the television and in the meantime let the hoop buttons to rotate your body. If you do this example ten minutes, you burn about 100 calories. This, of course, depends however on how intensively you hoe pelt and how heavy the hoop. With a heavier hoop, you will burn more calories than a lighter hoop. Besides burning calories is a hoop workout also good for include:

  • strengthen abdomen, buttocks, legs and back muscles
  • to improve the stability in the torso
  • improve the condition
  • smoother making the hips and back
  • locomotion
  • reducing the waist size

Hula hoop in the gym

In addition to hula hoop at home, there are more and more gyms with fitness hula hoop is used in a group lesson. These classes are usually aimed at improving the figure.


How propelling

It is very important to build up quietly propelling. But how do you propelling?

  • Make sure you have a little standing in a straddle with your knees slightly bent
  • hold the hoop with both hands and place it behind your back
  • give your hands a hard swing to the hoop (he starts moving)
  • move your belly and back and back and forth from left to right
  • push with your stomach (abdominal muscles tightened) at the hoop on
  • shift your weight from one leg to the other

If all is well the hoop circles will revolve around your waist. You can also propel from your hips, but it is less effective than from the belly. Should it happen that the hoop falls down, then you can give small boosts to the hoop with your hips to. The hoop will come again later. It is then also convenient to have to drop slightly at the knees. Please note that you alternate between left and right.

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