House renovation preparation

The habitat is a living place where we spend most of our time. It is your duty to spend a certain amount of money to do the work in due time of repair. If you can plan ahead to save money, it is also wise to develop a renovation strategy. Renovating a house is not easy so before we begin, we must consider several well-studied, step by step and significant parameters


The list of jobs to do


Never start the renovation when the list of work is undone. Take care to make a complete list of what needs to be done. Take a tour of your house: living room, kitchen, toilets, etc … What are the repairs to be carry out? What are the different changes required for each room? Not only list them, but put them in chronological order and in order of priority. Ultimately, listing carefully allows us to organize better and especially to better evaluate the budget allocated. If in doubt, call a profession in this field to assess the importance of renovating to do. This can also vary depending on the needs of owners. Each of us has his priority. Sometimes we want to start with the bathroom, sometimes for cooking, both the bedrooms and so on.

Normally it is best to start the changes from rooms on the ground floor and go upstairs. Because once the ground floor is finished, access will be cleared; the movement and transportation of materials will be arranged. We often have a big yard in front and it is highly advisable to go by step. Another technique, start with the dining room and living room first to give some space for the rest of the work.

It is best not to proceed from editing the bathroom and kitchen towards the end of the project. These parts require a lot of high-security standards such as fitted electrical, plumbing, installation of water heaters, impeccable tile and much more.

The roof and the external paint must be made at the end of the work.

In a renovation project, think to finish first major works before proceeding to the design of each piece.

Renovating a home is a very tedious process which gives a multitude of work that must be accomplished. When it comes to remodeling, it is not just about to touch every corner of every room but to improve at the same time the main standards of a real home as the insulation system, ventilation or heating system. With technology, it is now possible to do it yourself. For this, simply just follow these three basic tips that come from true professionals.

Diagnose your house

Like all other types of work, it is necessary to do a preliminary study. For renovations, a comprehensive view on the whole house is heavily used mainly by people who intend to renovate their homes themselves. It allows us to simultaneously evaluate the work to do and items to collect. Obviously, when you get to list all of this, the budget can already be determined.

Able to distinguish the category of each activity

To start the renovation, it is so essential to separately classify operations we can do only with some notion of crafts, activities that require a bit of professionalism. This approach will help us work especially when it comes to do everything on our own. Again, this step allows us to anticipate the intervention of a professional if necessary.

The budget

You have the whole list? We can go to the list of materials and the cost of it all. Always spend a certain amount of money on materials. Do not forget the various mountings in the list, we always tend to forget. Once you have estimated the budget, ask yourself if it is feasible. If this is beyond your estimate, review your list of work to do and cross off what is not yet significant and redo your calculation. That way you are sure of the feasibility of work.

The materials


Not to be especially taken lightly. Before starting renovation work, you should be able to list all the necessary materials such as saws, a drill, a router, and others that will serve us to properly design a new home as wanted. After drawing up the list, we must move to a phase in which we must distinguish between different kinds of each equipment while referring to the quality, price and even the brand. Why do we refer to the quality or the brand? It will help us facilitate the heaviest tasks. And why price? Only to moderate the costs of the renovation. Make sure you have all the appropriate equipment for DIY before making your materials purchase. If you lack some, do not hesitate to borrow from your neighbor or go to flea markets. That could always help you minimize your spending.


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