How to have a healthy life in each ages

It’s true that our skin begins to age when we are just born! After a warm-up period, our functions reach their peak around 20 years. Then it insidiously recedes in silent. We are almost invulnerable when we are 35 years – the repair mechanisms at the heart of our cells maintain our bodies in perfect working condition. And risk behaviors are multiplied: alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, etc. This is the time of all errors. And when we are 40? It announces the first failures: the plaque develops in the arteries, acuity of vision or hearing fades, muscle strength decreases. First sexual failures, first shots panic. 50 years: the great turning point. Menopause, heart attack, rheumatism …it’s impossible to pretend. Twenty or thirty years later, it may be the memory loss, stroke, asthenia, etc.

No panic. Today, we know that aging is still controllable. Take good care of all your parts and show a winner of optimism. Of course, the earlier we start, the more remarkable the result is. But it’s never too late to start. For each age group, and from the advice of gerontologist Christophe de Jaeger, here are the key actions that will help you stay fit and healthy.


From 0-6 years


Take vitamin D to grow well. Prescribed against rickets, it helps to a harmonious development of the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage). This is also the age when teeth are constructed. Good dental hygiene, prevention of fluorine, regular monitoring, and follow-up orthodontic allow good growth of the face and solid teeth.

6 to 20 years

At puberty, bone mass is acquired. During childhood, a high consumption of dairy products will retard the demineralization of the post-menopause. Beware of the sun. It is during childhood that is the preparation of future malignant melanoma (skin cancer). Adolescence is the age of clubs, players and first cigarettes which results familiar cancers (lung, throat, esophagus, etc.) and contributes to premature aging of the skin. Excessive noise, it destroys the hair cells of the ear and lead to permanent loss of hearing.

From 20 to 35 years

You are on the border between the age of prevention and that of “repair” the ravages of time. Toxins accumulate in your cells: take antioxidant vitamins (C, E). Eat functional foods, fruits, which are full of flavonoids (anti-free radicals pigments). Think of the “Mediterranean diet” (olive oil, vegetables, red wine, etc.). Do not gobble: studies on rats show that caloric restriction begun in early adulthood increases life expectancy and reduces cardiovascular diseases. Beware of risk behaviors: smoking, sun, alcohol and “junk food” (hamburgers, etc.). Moisturize your skin. Do some sports.


35 to 50 years


Erase the first spot of aging: slightly overweight, LDL cholesterol – bad! – Climbs into your analysis, hair become sparser, more wrinkled skin … For your comfort, think of light peeling, creams with fruit acids. Try the minoxidil, one of the few effective drugs against alopecia. Get active and take vitamins

50, turning

If you are a woman undergoing hormone replacement therapy for menopause (HRT): it preserves muscle, moisturizes the skin, fights against overweight helps lubricate the genital tract, protects against osteoporosis (loss of density bone) and prevents cardiovascular disease. Above all, it is the most promising preventive treatment to delay Alzheimer’s. Keep up the sport: with age, the muscle-fat ratio changes spontaneously. In addition, it is excellent against osteoporosis.


If you are a man, take care of your heart and your arteries. No more abuse of tasty food, tobacco and alcohol!

For everyone, consult a specialist who will advise you on appropriate dosages.

50 to 70 years

This is the time of rheumatism: soft sports, spa treatments, anti-inflammatory drugs will relax your joints. DHEA (dehydrepiandosterone) also contribute to this. The loss of vision increases and promotes aging of the mind. Protect your eye. Laser and microsurgery of the anterior part of the eye have revolutionized ophthalmology. But the retina remains an unknown land: to prevent blindness, take antioxidants.

Heart and arteries: it is high time to adopt a diet which is rich in fruits and vegetables.

Feet: the skin is dry, cracks and becomes prone to infections. Choose comfortable shoes.

Cognitive functions: take HRT and DHEA to protect brain degeneration. Do the memory exercises too.

More than 70 years

Nothing is lost! Continue to have a healthy lifestyle. Watch your diet. Number of seventies are malnourished and this is the entrance into a vicious circle: the more the diet is deficient, the more aging accelerates, the more the body has difficulties in fighting against the disease, more depressed mind … Do not forget: a new sport can be resumed in 80 years – after receiving a favorable opinion from your geriatrician doctor. Finally, the requirements of hormones and vitamins can be even more effective as they enter a global management of Aging.



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