Keys to choose the mattress filling correctly

Keys to choose the mattress filling correctly

According to a study by the European Association of Manufacturers of Camas, the Spaniards extend the life of mattresses to 12.6 years on average that German, Belgian, Italian, French, German, Austrian and Dutch and even 20 percent of respondents believe that can last 20 years.

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What are the characteristics of the sleeping surface?

It must be strong, homogeneous and adaptable in its support (spring housing block, latex or foam block) and fluffy in their quilts.

  • Sign (the firmness depend directly on the person), because our spine should not take positions or vice extras when we sleep (hammock effect). It should be kept in their natural position.
  • Homogeneous, because it also has to maintain support throughout the body surface (must not have depressions or large holes)
  • Adaptable, because our body is not a tabula rasa, it is full of curves, and they must be adapted in a way the mattress.

Types of mattress filling



Types of mattress filling

It offers varying degrees of firmness according reinforcing the docks. According to the Kovacs Foundation, specializing in therapies for spinal, mattresses should be medium firm.

They are more ecological, sweat very well, are more firm and no problems with the humidity. The main drawback of this system is that it lacks resting compression so you can give to the various pressures exerted by the body. It is what differentiates with latex. The springs are giving and tend to sink in the center, which implies an incorrect posture in the medium term.


The mattress molds to your body and joints.

The composition of the latex used in the mattress industry could range between two extremes: 100 percent natural. Ideally, it should  be a well-calculated balance. The natural latex produces a good elasticity, synonymous with comfort, and sinttico latex has necessary hardness. The appropriate approach is to mix a certain percentage of sinttico latex and natural latex, to get sufficient support as the ideal comfort.

It presents very interesting features, as these mattresses perfectly conform to the body and joints, and are more durable than spring. They are hypoallergenic and resistant to both dust and dirt. But deformable flexible, facilitate blood circulation by not creating hard points.

Its main drawbacks are its high price and the fact that they do not eliminate the perspiration quite right. However, this range of mattresses reaches 15 percent of the market.



Foam mattress

The foams are distinguished by the mode of manufacture. In a liquid, gelatinous material breathes compressed air to get foam-filled bubbles, which once treated with stabilizing resins and hardeners remains a homogeny block, where are the air bubbles and the porous material result in a good and flexible support surface.

The best known are those of polyurethane and come in different grades. As advantages include the fact that they can be cut to size to fit cribs, sofas, etc. and its low price. However, they do not offer well regulated temperature and lose strength with use.

Other varieties

We can also find on the market the minority mattresses of other materials such as futons, waterbeds or air mattresses.

The futons are low pads and usually hard (though not all) traditionally used in Eastern and little acceptance in general in Europe. Healthy back, only recommended for those who like firm mattresses.

Water mattresses have never had much market, but can be found in some stores. They have questioned of its health benefits for back.

Finally air mattresses are not real beds for daily and should be used sparingly and in exceptional situations.

The base of mattress


The base of mattress

It provides greater adaptability to the shapes and body weight.

The mattress is of great importance and influence in the rest. A good base ensures a healthy spine and favors the correct position thereof and keeps the mattress in the right conditions.

They can be of three types:

– In spring: It has few advantages and many disadvantages. The springs are usually yielding and tend to sink in the center, which incurs wrong and harmful back posture.

– Articles: Manual or electric, is indicated in people with circulation problems in the legs (can be raised to the height of the feet), of breath (you can raise the portion on which it is based head), etc. It can be combined with spring mattresses of latex and tempura.

– Canap: Its main drawback is that it prevents proper ventilation of the mattress. Some provide practical solutions to the lack of space in houses, as they are hinged and can be used to store linens and other items. It can be combined with spring mattresses.

To get the maximum advantage of the mattress, it is essential that the base is firm and uniform. Finally, it is important to note that a new mattress on an old box spring breaks before, so it is recommended to renew the system off in full.

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