Marjoram – A herbal wisdom in your garden


Herbs are healthy! Marjoram also has properties that help you have a good health. They have been known many years ago when herbs were used primarily as a medicine and there were no chemical variants developed. Therefore, in those ancient times, marjoram was used mainly for colds, asthma, bronchitis and even muscle pain and that is not surprising because marjoram contains substances that have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effect and also a antioxidant which means that the free radicals helps to combat it.

Marjoram is a culinary herb that you can see it quite often in kitchen cabinets. It is an herb that tastes delicious with tomatoes and therefore fits well in Italian cuisine. People think marjoram is oregano, and that is not surprising, because oregano is actually marjoram, namely ‘Wilde’ marjoram. Marjoram in this article is about ‘real’ marjoram and this herb is not only wonderful in a lot of (meat) dishes but also has health benefits. Tasty and healthy is therefore applicable.

Origanum majorana

Marjoram, oregano, thyme … They are all belong to the Mediterranean corner. However, they do differ in taste. Marjoram tastes spicy but still softer and sweeter than the other two. Did you know that marjoram is really a sausage spice? Yes! It gives sausage a typical sausage and this is what it is really known for. Furthermore, tastes of marjoram is also quite tasty with a variety of other meats. It really is an herb that meat can add to have a nice touch. So you should try it. For example, a teaspoon marjoram chopped by a pound. You will see that this is really nice. And what is more? Soups, sauces, potato dishes and yes, even liquor, it is possible.

Fresh herbs

Of course, marjoram, and basically all kinds of herbs, has naturally healthy properties. When using an herb you know that you are adding something good. Try to use fresh herbs, preferably self harvested otherwise a good brand or a biological species and obviously not mixed with other herbs pre-finished in a pack. It is best to have wonderfully fresh marjoram which is picked from the garden because it’s easy to self-sow and reap in your own garden.


In February or March, you can already sow indoors. You can only transplant outside after late spring (May 15th). You can also sow directly in the garden, but only when it can no longer be frozen. It prefers a warm, sunny and sheltered place. It would be even faster if you buy a ready-made plant in a garden center. Make sure that you buy the kind of Origanum marjorana and not the Origanum vulgare, because then you have Oregano. You can harvest from the moment the leaves grow well. Preferably pick before flowering because after flowering the aroma is less strong.

Health Benefits

Use for:
Colds and fever, insomnia, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain, asthma, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, stimulates digestion, helps to protect the liver, stimulates the gall bladder functioning, helps against nervousness and more.

The antioxidant:
It is interesting that because our body has many free radicals that can be neutralized by antioxidants. That is important because free radicals can cause cancer and are therefore worth fighting.
Of course it’s best to go to a physiotherapist if you want to use this healing power because he knows how to use. But a cup of tea steeped with fresh marjoram leaves can soothe the nerves and provide a relaxing night’s sleep and also work well if you suffer from sore throats, colds or headaches.


Furthermore, there is still the essential oil that is extracted from the flower buds and the leaves and you can buy in small bottles, for example a natural or bio-shop. This oil is often added to cosmetics and perfumes. It promotes blood circulation and seems to go against skin aging. But remember that cheap is always expensive purchase when it comes to natural products. The price you often tells if you’re dealing with counterfeiting.

Make your own oil?
When you think you have enough leaves to do it in a jar or bottle then cover it with cold-pressed olive oil and let it soak for one week. Use it in salads or sauces.


Marjoram can help against loneliness and works as comforting, warming and protective factor. It is an anti-aphrodisiac, that is to say the desire is reduced to sexual contact. This is also the reason why marjoram can be used well with the loss of a loved one or when leading a celibate life.


Never use your own spices when you really want to achieve healing power. You should go for a herbalist or a therapist. Marjoram, when is used too much can cause a spontaneous abortion! So beware if you are pregnant. Herbs are really serious matter .

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