What can you do with glass jars?

Perhaps you’ve still have boxes full of sterilized glass jars, in the basement, in the gazebo or in the attic. What should you do with it? No jars are sterilized after all, yet. No worries! These cute items in all sizes can serve as a stock jar, pen pot on your desk, and beautiful plants holder, gift wrap, or even as decoration at Easter or Christmas. In short, there are plenty of opportunities to use these pots creatively in your house and garden.

What is a sterilized glass jars?

A sterilized glass jars with a glass lid and an iron and clips. Usually, there is also an orange gum in it. The pots are in different sizes: pots of 500 grams, and even from one kilo to two kilo. Previously, people used these pots to store sterilized vegetables. Since now almost no one sterilizes, many of these pots lie unused in the basement, in the garage or attic. Although these pots are not cheap at all. You may go buy it at IKEA. You have to pay between 1 and 3 euros for a pot, depending on the size. Also, you can buy at flea markets and thrift stores, as they are at more reasonable price.

Making use of sterilized glass jars

When these pots have been years in a box, you will need to clean them thoroughly. Warm soapy water and a sponge will help.

Sterilized glass jars in the kitchen

In the kitchen you can use as sterilized glass stock jars. They can contain spaghetti curls, salt, flour, sugar, sweets, spices, stock cubes and much more. The advantage is that they look good on a shelf and they are transparent. Therefore, you can see immediately what they contain. Glass is also cleaner than the paper packaging because it is less prone to moisture. When the bowl is empty, you can just wash it and fill again.

Sterilized glass jars in the living room

With sterilized glass jars, you can store all kinds of stuff lying lost around. Think of coins or buttons. Besides, a sterilized glass jars with pens look nice on a desk as well.

Plants in garden or windowsill

With a little soil, you can transform sterilized glass jars into a nice pot. Either you put soil almost to the edge and stick your plant here or you put a little soil and put your plant in the jars. This keeps the outside sheltered from the cold and wind. For cacti this is a good solution. You can then also colored stones straw. Such a nice plant in a sterilized glass jar on a windowsill indoors or outdoor. Or you can attach to a fence outside or on the edge of your balcony with a wire or a nicely colored ribbon.

Decoration with various colors of sand

With different colors of sand and a sterilized glass jar you can make a nice decoration object. Sprinkle the layers of colored sand one by one into the jar. The layers should not really be equal. If they are wider at one end than the other side, you get a nice effect. Above the later, you can put some shells or mini objects like a bucket, a small beach, etc.

Jar with candle

Straw colored stones in the jar and plant a candle in here. Or fill the jar with (possibly colored) water and put a candle to this. It is nice as a decoration on a sideboard or on a beautiful warm summer evening in the garden. You may also confirm the jars with tea lights on a fence or on a terrace edge. In this case you do not have to do full.

Decorations for Christmas

Fill the jar with fake snow. With it you can now create a Christmas scene. Plant the snow mini-Christmas trees, deer, a snowman, a skier or a Santa Claus in. Around the neck of the sterilized glass jar, you can tie a pretty ribbon and a few Christmas ornaments as hearts or stars or felt boots. Its is nice for the windowsill, on the Christmas table or at the buffet.

Decoration for Easter, Valentine’s Day 
In the same way as for the decoration for Christmas, you can make decorations for any party. For Easter, use yellow sand stones and put in baby chicks, lambs, nests with eggs, etc. For Valentine, use your red colored water on it with a red candle. It would be a nice decoration on your table.

Autumn Scene

Also during the autumn you can make beautiful decorations with a sterilized glass jar. Place dried leaves in beautiful colors in your sterilized glass jar, possibly crushed into pieces. Then put in you acorns or chestnuts with a deer or a squirrel.

Gift wrap

Finally, you can also turn it into nice gift packaging with a nice ribbon around the neck, decorated with some embellishments as hearts or good luck dolls or with a beautiful gift wrapping around, finished with a big bow.

I bet that you will be soon to the store to buy new sterilized glass jar once you have discovered how much fun it is to work with these bottles. Lots of fun!

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